Tasty Potato

All those naughty children around the world, who dislike eating any vegetable and hatred them like whatever thing, share another common interest. From mix up browns to French fries to potato salad everyone loves potatoes
healthy vegetables

But few people really know the true value of this ubiquitous root healthy vegetable. Today one cannot even imagine vegetables without potatoes. Potato, nutritionally rich tuberous root vegetable, is a good source of starch and fiber.
Potato Nutrients:
Our food level system practiced potatoes as a very good source of vitamin C, a good source of vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber.

Tasty Potato 
We can make the special snacks in potatoes. Children’s are love potatoes snacks and it’s very tasty also. Every day make different snacks and gives to your children it make very healthy
The potato has many healing and medicinal property that very few people know that the same thing that gives them a French fry has. Potatoes are alkaline, which helps to detoxify and balance excess acidity in the body. This also makes the potato an antiulcer. It helps to reduce inflammation and the pain cause by it. The skin of the potato contains chlorogenic acid, which can help to avoid cell mutation that sometimes causes cancer. Potatoes can also help to encourage healthy blood circulation which can regulate your blood pressure and lead to a more healthy heart. Since potatoes mostly contain carbohydrates, they are easy to digest and facilitate digestion.
Some Benefits: 
  • Potatoes are small in sodium, nearly fat liberated and easy to digest. They make active part of every diet.

  • Potatoes are mound of carbohydrates and contain tiny proteins too. This makes it an perfect diet for those lean and thins who greatly want to put on weight.
  • This helps even curing pimples and spots on the skin.
  • Potatoes help to improve struggle to heart attack and stroke. The potassium content, available in potatoes, helps in maintain fluid and electrolyte stability in the body cells.Potato
  • The fiber content helps slow combination of starch in the gut and thereby keeping blood sugar levels. Potatoes also help in normal performance of heart and keeping a check on blood pressure.
  • It raise the glucose level in the blood and over eating may cause fatness, which in turn can put a lot of pressure on your heart; hence it is not suggested for heavy or diabetic people.

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