Healthy Carrot

This a root vegetable, usually orange or white, or red-white blends in color, with a crisp texture when fresh. It is an healthy vegetables all are love this vegetable…attractive color…children are mostly like raw carrot. The edible part of a carrot is a taproot. It is a domesticated form of the wild carrot Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia.
healthy vegetables
With the exception of beets, carrots contain more sugar than any other vegetable, which makes them a satisfying snack eaten raw and a tasty addition to a variety of cooked dishes. And among other kinds of vegetables, many people like to eat carrot, whether adults or children .

Carrot Nutrients:
They are rich in carotene (the source of vitamin A) and high in fiber and sugar content. The deeper the orange color of a carrot, the higher the beta carotene content. Beta carotene is also a powerful antioxidant effective in fighting against some forms of cancer, especially lung cancer. Current research suggests that it may also protect against stroke, and heart disease. Research also shows that the beta carotene in vegetables supplies this protection, not vitamin supplements. Beta carotene own included in the carotenoida have been identified and there are more than 600 different types of carotene. Older carrots have a higher quantity of sugar than younger carrots and so taste sweeter, but younger carrots have more folate, one of the B vitamins which may help prevent birth defects in babies.


  • Carrot is prevent cancer, especially lung cancer.
  • Carrot prevents dim twilight and Improve Vision.
  • Lowered blood cholesterol.
  • Carrot also improves coughing and high blood pressure.carrot juice
  • It is  contains calcium, potassium, vitamin B and C. Calcium helps prevent the narrowing of the blood vessels resulting from contracting of the muscular wall of the vessels.  Potassium promotes regular heartbeat. Vitamin B improves metabolism. Vitamin C protects cells against free radicals and strengthens blood vessel walls.

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